Bali Road Trip Tips

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The best way to see Bali is by driving around the whole island.  Though Bali does look small, getting from one side to the can take hours as the roads are so shit poor. When people hear of a road trip they think fatigue and pure boredom and they would rather hop on the next flight and be on their…

bali mtb treks

Mountain Biking in Bali

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  Image source: Bali Trailblazers When the name Bali does cross people’s minds rarely does it conjure up images of mountain biking or even trekking. These are usually the reserve of the more adventurous that gets to visit Bali and it might be surprising to know that there are enough and more opportunities for mountain biking in Bali. The only…

Bali surf spots

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  Have you been searching for surf spots to surf when in Bali Indonesia? Have you been asking around in various forums, hunting down the locals and so on? If so, you have come to the right place. We know how difficult it is to find the perfect surfing spot, especially when you don’t know the area very well. There…

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Bali cheap quality eats

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5 eateries having great food and low price written by: milner11 Bali is a terrific tourist destination and you must not miss it at any cost. And just in case, you feel that the island lacks good eating joints, then we are here to prove you wrong. And if your wallet is lighter this season and you are leering into…

Balis best beaches

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Source A vacation should ideally be packed with the right amalgamation of good food, picturesque scenic wonders and warm localities. If you’re among those scouting for a down-to-earth, amazing vacation, the humble island Bali awaits your presence with loving offerings to bestow upon you. Bali is a vacation destination that is blessed with incredible beaches. Those are perfect for swimming,…

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