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A vacation should ideally be packed with the right amalgamation of good food, picturesque scenic wonders and warm localities. If you’re among those scouting for a down-to-earth, amazing vacation, the humble island Bali awaits your presence with loving offerings to bestow upon you.

Bali is a vacation destination that is blessed with incredible beaches. Those are perfect for swimming, surfing, as well as just having a laid-back lounge on the sand. Be careful to ensure you book your Bali travel package during the dry season, which is from April to October. To keep you away from the confusion of which beach to be a part of due to the numerous options, here is a crisp list of beaches you should make a point to visit if you’re a beach bum.

Top 3 beaches in Bali

1. Geger Beach

This glorious beach located in Nusa Dua holds your attention from the time you set your foot on its lovely white sand. A swimmer’s paradise, Genger beach extends its warm and safe waters to all those who choose to dive in. For those who wish to just lounge around watching the infinite water zone… this beach has something to offer for you too. There are some enticing restaurants, some cozy beach beds as well as some masseurs to help make your vacation feel relaxed and rejuvenating.

2. Jimbaran Beach

The splash of the waves and the glistening white sand here is yet another much sought after beach when enjoying your holiday package to Bali. Jimbaran is a beach that is not suitable for swimming, however, the view of the waves clashing against each other and a picture perfect sunset is something no tourist would want to miss. Besides, the beach has an unbelievable line of never ending beach cafes to please your palate just 50 meters away.

3. Kuta Beach

A 5-kilometer long beach that came to be discovered by tourists as a surfing paradise. Hence, if surfing is something you wish to learn over your long vacation to Bali, make sure to include Kuta beach in your customised Bali tour package. Kuta is a beach partially well-maintained, however, be prepared to come across local vendors trying to sell you into hair braiding, massages as well as hiring surf boards. You can also get a hold of sun beds to sunbathe upon without much disturbance or chaos.

All the beach lovers, Bali is a destination for you. Nonetheless, while booking your Bali holiday package, be sure to consider these top three beaches that will certainly hold your interest in a laid back place like Bali. Whenever you’re planning your holiday, make it a point to check for authentic tour and travel sites to ensure you enjoy a secure and fun-oriented Bali holiday package.

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