Bali Road Trip Tips

The best way to see Bali is by driving around the whole island.  Though Bali does look small, getting from one side to the can take hours as the roads are so shit poor. When people hear of a road trip they think fatigue and pure boredom and they would rather hop on the next flight and be on their destinations. But truth be told road trips are the perfect way to bond with family and friends.

Imagine traversing across the country and seeing all the amazing monuments and sceneries on your way. Nothing can beat all the fun and adventure you will get to see. Like the movie vacation, the road trip always has challenges but in the end, it is super fun and bonds the family and friends more. But let’s face it, of course, it can be a little bit boring and frustrating when things don’t go how you want them or how you had planned. Not to worry because in this article we have researched and come up with some few tips to help you on your road trip.

Pick a speed limit and maintain it throughout your trip
The most frustrating part of a road trip is running out of fuel in the middle of the road, especially Bali! This forces you to walk for miles looking for the next gas station. Not forgetting those left behind in the car with the hot weather and hunger pangs eating you up and you wish you had stayed at home. This can be avoided by maintaining a constant speed limit and planning on how far your fuel tank will get you. Furthermore, high speeds coupled up with rapid accelerations tend to burn out fuel faster and this can leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting with no fuel and worse of all no signal. Not to mention the use of too much fuel on your road trip would cripple you’re your fuel economy and ruin your intended budget for the trip.

Eat light while on the road
Who wants to travel with a companion that releases gas after every ten seconds? Not only is that disgusting but also causes discomfort to the other people in the car. What about a travel companion who is asleep all through the journey due to a full stomach? This causes boredom to the designated driver not to mention the drive seems to be endless. Always eat light to ensure that you are comfortable and your companions don’t get affected by your overeating. This allows you to have an amazing and adventurous road trip.

Preload and update your entertainment option
Be it getting the latest CD’s or downloading the latest music on your phone, always ensure you have an updated entertainment option. More importantly, make sure that your entertainment option is versatile and appeals to everyone in the car. Just because you are the designated driver does not mean you bore the rest of your traveling party with weird songs. Try to incorporate everyone’s favorite music in your mix and this will guarantee you an amazing road trip.

Come up with new game ideas
Ever traveled with your friends and family and got bored after the first 2 hours? Well, don’t wait for that to happen. Come up with new games and fun ideas to spice up the traveling mood and keep you all alert. Nothing sucks like when the whole car everybody is busy doing their own things and not concentrating on each other. The essence of a road trip is to bond with your friends and family and playing goofy games together is the key to that. Be spontaneous and have fun on the journey after all you are probably stuck in that car for 5 hours or more before you reach your next stop.

Have a loose plan
After all, the road trip may have an unexpected outcome that will force you to rethink your plan. This does not mean that you travel with no plan at all. It is good to have a plan as this will keep you on track and allow you to have fun on the way. But still, you need to have a flexible schedule that you can alter in case of an emergency like a road work ahead sign. Some roads in Bali may be closed in the raining season. These minor changes may not affect your plan completely but most probably will make them even more fun. Try spending the night at one of the small towns and enjoy what they can offer. This will ensure that you enjoy all the advantages of the old school road trips.

Light pack for the road trip
The good old-fashioned trick that always comes in handy at all times. Always pack lightly if possible carry the necessary items with you. This will ensure that you have enough space for all the souvenirs you will gather on your way. While traveling and stopping at the most fascinating sites you will always find yourself buying new staff. Light packing will ensure that you have a full trunk to store any new staff you get on each stop. If you have a lot of gear to take, ask the car rental place to give a good roof box like Thule, but they may charge you a few dollars more. It’s important to hire a decent cargo box as they are secure, leave all your gear while in a restaurant and it could get stolen in some parts of Bali.

Bring a real map with you
Am sure you are wondering why you need a map while your car has a GPS Google map. Well, the answer is pretty simple, for a souvenir of course. Imagine having your road trip map on your bedroom wall or at the office. Just looking at the map will always make you smile as you remember all the stops you made and the epic moments at each step. Like where your best friend had the most embarrassing moments or the reason why there is ketchup on you road trip map. Moments like those are precious and having a tangible thing to remind you of them makes it all worth. Alos, not all rental cars in Bali will have GPS Maps.

Be friendly on the road trip
Don’t be that stuck up dude in the crowd who does not smile or even try to make new friends. I mean it would not hurt if you smiled at the cashier at the store or the waitress serving your meal. Try out having small talks and find out more about the small towns you pass. You might be surprised of all the hidden adventures and fascinating hideouts that the locals know about. But obviously always be careful and be cautious of your surroundings.