Mountain Biking in Bali


Image source: Bali Trailblazers

When the name Bali does cross people’s minds rarely does it conjure up images of mountain biking or even trekking. These are usually the reserve of the more adventurous that gets to visit Bali and it might be surprising to know that there are enough and more opportunities for mountain biking in Bali. The only thing is that the diehard biker must take the effort to get to the people that can arrange a biking trip around the place.

The usual ways to go with mountain biking in Bali

The most practical step to take if someone is keen on biking in Bali is to get in touch with the operators that organize biking activities in the country. Most travel agents right across the globe would be able to help the potential tourist get started on this count at the time of planning of a trip. It is the more discerning biker that would try to squeeze in the most out of a possible biking tour across the country and in Bali.

Companies like Infinity Mountain Biking offer lots of different tours across most of the best places.  You need to go with the experts to find the best possible trails.  See their video below for inspiration!

There are enough and more options when it comes to biking in the mountains around Bali. With the greater accent on specializations in the industry, there is bound to be just the right suit to even the most demanding of riders. The more accepted custom is to stick to a well defined path for the better part and if someone does insist on a more personal approach, it could be arranged as well.

bali mtb treks

Image source: Sauserwind

Most well frequented biking routes do have the facility of using trained guides to help get along a track and if a group activity is what is being looked at then the use of a professional guide would be within reach and affordable as well. The general friendliness that most Balinese have for the foreigner would be evident during the cycling treks as well.

The cost factor while organizing a bike trip to Bali

One of the most defining aspects to a trip to Bali is the relative cheap expense the trip entails. This is true of a cycling expedition as well. It is possible to hire good bikes for the proposed ride thus helping reduce the large expense that bringing in personal equipment. There are a large number of options when it comes to accommodation and most routes on a cycling route would be well served by good clean budget hotels too.
It is the usual experience with the traveling foreigner that food rarely costs much in Bali. This holds well during most bike rides as well. With the varied range of food on offer too, there really is little to worry on this count. The entire experience of a mountain bike ride in Bali is meant to relieve the mind and not one’s purse.

There could not be a more exciting activity than a good fast mountain ride and if this could be combined with a great place to visit at most times of the year, it could well be a winning combination as well.